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Finish your shed with barge and flashing

Your shed is almost finished once you’ve installed your sheeting, but there are still a few final touches to take care of.

Flashing your shed involves fitting covers to the joins for water proofing and aesthetics. There are a number of different barge and flashing options to help complete your shed.

Ridge capping

Ridge capping is used to cover the joins at the apex of the roof. Measure along these joins and the people at Cardiff Metal Market will cut the required lengths for you.

Take the ridge capping and lay it over the apex, getting the coverage on both sides the same. Fix it in position with roof screws though the capping into the purlins at the ridge. Install a screw in every second corrugation for best rain protection.

Leave any overhang to be trimmed over the barge boards later.

Corner flashing

Corner flashings help to give your shed a nice finished look. For best results it’s recommended to measure each corner separately as there can be minor differences between them.

To do this, put a straight edge down each wall and measure to the first corrugation around corner. Mark this on a right angle on a piece of paper. Do this for each side on all corners.

Take these measurements to Cardiff Metal Market and we’ll cut the flashings to your requirements.

Once ready, fit these with small stitching screws at 300mm intervals into the wall sheets.

Barge boards

The end of the shed can be finished with a Colourbond angle called a barge board. Buy enough to cover from the gutter to apex on both sides in one length, and make sure to get one for each end of the shed.

Cut the board on the end section so it can overlap itself as it bends over the apex. Slide it under the ridge capping for waterproofing. Fix the board on each purlin and to the steel work on the end of the shed.

Once everything has been attached, cut the ridge capping so it can be neatly finished over the barge boards. Use silicon to seal any gaps.

Take time to get all your flashings as neat and square as possible as this will greatly enhance the look of your shed.