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How to assess and repair hail storm damage

Hail storms can damage property

Hail storms can cause serious damage to sheds and buildings, especially if your roof is old or made from less durable roofing materials. Taking steps to protect your roof from hail could give you greater peace of mind as winter approaches.

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How to safely clean your shed roof

Tips for cleaning a metal roof

Cleaning and maintenance are essential if you want your shed roof to stay looking good and remain heat efficient for many years, but you should always keep safety in mind when buying roofing supplies and carrying out routine maintenance.

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How to erect a shed frame

Once you’ve organised the materials for your shed, it’s time to start putting it together. This is done in two major stages: assembling the frame and attaching the panelling.

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Materials for building a shed

Shed materials

You can make lots of handy projects using sheet metal and light gauge galvanised steel. One of the most practical projects is to replace your old shed with new materials and have a gleaming new Colourbond one its place. Buying the component metal from Cardiff Metal Market is much cheaper[…]

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The importance of risk assessments on home projects

Cutting metal

No matter how experienced you are working with tools, at heights or with sheet metal, accidents can and do happen. In industry nowadays risk assessments are carried out on tasks before work can commence and before you begin DIY work there are some basic safety concepts to consider.

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